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Jan 1, 2013 6:30pm EST
leading up to the fiscal cliff, the average 401 k losing $3,000 in this country. abc's bianna golodryga was the story of just one family and the huge tax increase, if congress doesn't figure this out. >> reporter: until there's an agreement, this what the martins from raytown, missouri, like so many middle class american families, face. a hefty spike in taxes. beau, a government contractor, and deanna, an office worker, make a combined income of about $60,000. without a deal, their income taxes will rise by roughly $2,400 a year. on top of that, like everyone else earning $110,000 or less, they'll pay higher payroll taxes to pay for social security. with or without a deal, those are set to go up across the board by 2%. and for the martins, that means they'll pay an additional $1,200 a year. income and payroll tax increases combined, the martins are looking at an additional $3,600 in 2013. and it doesn't stop there. without a deal, feeding their 2-month-old baby daughter, grace, could cost the martins a lot more, too. every american faces the potential for a huge jump in milk prices. the
Dec 26, 2012 5:30pm PST
cut a deal as that fiscal cliff nears. now just six days until higher taxes for all americans. and tonight, a white house official is placing the burden of not getting a deal on leaders of congress. one official saying the hits from our economy are not coming from outside factors, they're coming from congressional stupidity. some members of congress do return tomorrow. these comments come just as barbara walters prepares for her "nightline" special tonight. her sitdown at the white house with the president and the first lady. and tonight here, some rare personal questions answered about their own relationship and their girls. one of whom just got her first cell phone. >> reporter: i want to talk a bit about the girls. we have been watching them grow up from little girls to young ladies. now, malia recently got her first cell phone. do you monitor it? and see who she calls or who she texts? >> i give my daughter, at this age, i give her a long rope. you know, and there is monitoring, because we have rules, but monitoring may be, you never know when i'm going to walk in your room and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)